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Physics of Evolution, Regulation and Signaling

The workshop 'Physics of Evolution, Regulation and Signaling' will be held at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics in Munich during February 10-12 2014.

The apparent complexity of biology belies the fact that the interactions between the constituents of biological systems are constrained by physical laws. Indeed, this complexity must have emerged spontaneously from systems with simple interactions. Physical approaches can help to reveal how biological systems function, and why they are constructed in the way that we observe them to be. This workshop will bring together researchers working on the physics of biological systems at different scales, from molecular networks to entire populations.

The workshop forms part of the CNRS-funded GDR coordination network "Evolution, Regulation and signaling", and is also funded by the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics.


Confirmed speakers:

- Erik Aurell (KTH, Stockholm)

- Vincent Hakim (ENS, Paris)

- Martin Howard (JIC, Norwich, UK)

- Terrence Hwa (UCSD, USA)

- Mogens H. Jensen (NBI, Copenhagen)

- Stefan Klumpp (MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam)

- Berenike Maier (University of Cologne)

- Wolfram Möbius (Harvard, USA)
- Thierry Mora (CNRS, Paris)

- Richard Neher (MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen)

- Erik van Nimwegen (University of Basel)

- Benedikt Obermayer (Max Delbrueck Center, Berlin)

- Madeleine Opitz (LMU Munich)

- Sorin Tanase-Nicola (Uppsala University)

- Sander Tans (AMOLF, Amsterdam)

- Gasper Tkacik (IST, Vienna)

- Aleksandra Walczak (CNRS, Paris)

- Roland Wedlich-Söldner (University of Münster)
- Pieter Reinten Wolde (AMOLF, Amsterdam)


Registration for the workshop has now closed.

Practical details

Programme (updated 07.02.2014)
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