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3rd O'Raifeartaigh conference

19.07.2012 – 21.07.2012

In recent years important insight has been gained at the interface of field theory, integrability, conformal symmetry and supersymmetry, remarkably consistent with various interests of Lochlainn O'Raifeartaigh who passed away just over a decade ago. This conference, in his honor aims at bringing people in these fields together.

Visit the conference webpage for further information.

Speakers include:

  • J. Balog (Budapest)
  • Z. Bajnok (Budapest)
  • D. O'Connell (Niels Bohr Inst.)
  • D. Harlow (Stanford)
  • O. Hohm (LMU)
  • A. Iorio (Charles Univ.)
  • R. Jackiw (MIT)
  • D. Jafferis (Harvard)
  • C. Klimcik (Luminy)
  • R. Loganayagam* (Harvard)
  • K. Maruyoshi (SISSA)
  • W. Nahm (DIAS)
  • S. El-Showk (Saclay)
  • M. Vasiliev (Lebedev Inst.)

* to be confirmed


Advisory committee:

  • A. Balachandran (Syracuse) 
  • D. O'Connor (Dublin)
  • L. Feher (Budapest)
  • P. Horvathy (Tours)
  • G. Jorjadze (Tiblisi)
  • S-Y. Pi (Boston) 
  • P. Ruelle (Louvain)
  • S. Sen (Dublin)
  • S. Shatashvili (Dublin) 
  • I. Tsutsui (Tsukuba)
  • A. Wipf (Jena)



  • Ivo Sachs
  • Olaf Hohm
  • Korbinian Muenster