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Workshop on Interfaces and Wall-crossings

30.11.2009 – 04.12.2009

This ASC workshop aims to bring together experts interested in the various aspects of Interfaces and Wall-crossings, two topics that have arisen in several contexts in supersymmetric QFT and string theory recently.

Although the two topics are currently distinct, there are indications that they may be related. The aim of the workshop is to bring together people interested in either of these subjects, and to explore their possible connections and applications.

There is no registration fee, and everybody is welcome to attend the workshop.

The organizers are: Costas Bachas, Ilka Brunner, Christian Römelsberger

All talks will take place in the ASC lecture room 348/349, 3rd floor, Theresienstr. 37 (how to reach us).

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Videos of the talks:

Denis Bernard: Conformally Invariant Random Curves in 2D 

Andres Collinucci: Non-Perturbative Effects Across Walls from Topological Strings 

Duiliu Diaconescu: D-brane Moduli Spaces and Wall-Crossing via ADHM Sheaves 

Johanna Erdmenger: Defects in AdS4/CFT3 

John Estes: Gravity Duals of Interfaces, Defects and Junctions in N=4 SYM 

Paul Fendley: Defects, Duality and Topology 

Stefan Fredenhagen: Boundaries and Defects in Perturbed Minimal Models 

Jürg Fröhlich: Quantum Hall effect with applications 

Matthias Gaberdiel: Brane Obstructions from the World-Sheet 

Davide Gaiotto: N=2 Gauge Theory 

Jaume Gomis: Loops and Defects in 4D Gauge Theories and 2D CFT’s 

Sergei Gukov: Surface Operators in N=2 Gauge Theories and Duality 

Michael Gutperle: Holographic Duals of Two Dimensional Interface Theories 

Hans Jockers: Open Mirror Symmetry 

Sameer Murthy: Quantum Black Holes, Wall Crossings and Mock Modular Forms 

Daniel Roggenkamp: Defects and Bulk Perturbations of Boundary Landau-Ginzburg Theories 

Ingo Runkel: What Defects can tell about Conformal Field Theory 

Volker Schomerus: Calabi-Yau Superspaces and Integrable CFT 

Gérard Watts: “Perturbations of Defects in Unitary Minimal Models