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Brownian Motion: a Paradigm for Soft Matter and Biological Physics

26.09.2005 – 28.09.2005

The workshop is co-organized with the Center for NanoScience (CeNS) and will take place on September 26-28, 2005 at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.  The program will start Monday 9 am and end Wednesday  4 pm. For Monday night we plan to visit the famous Munich Oktoberfest.

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  • Andreas Bausch: 'Cytoskeletal polymer networks: relating molecular structure to macrosopic properties'
  • Dieter Braun: 'What drives Molecules along Thermal Gradients?'
  • Philippe Cluzel: 'Noise propagation in the chemotaxis network of a single bacterium'
  • Werner Ebeling: 'From passive to active Brownian motion'
  • Dekel Erez: 'Optimality and evolutionery tuning of the expression level of a protein'
  • Ernst-Ludwig Florin: '3D and 2D imaging of soft and dynamic nanostructures  using thermal fluctuations'
  • Thomas Franosch: 'The localization transition of the 3D lorentz model and continuum percolation'
  • Matthias Fuchs: 'Properties of stationary states in sheared colloidal dispersions'
  • Ulrich Gerland: 'Coupled dynamics of DNA/RNA base-pairing and nanopore translocation'
  • Gerhard Gompper: 'Hydrodynamics of vesicles and cells in shear and capillary flows'
  • Frank Jülicher: 'Cell dynamics and cellular oscillations'
  • Yariv Kafri: 'Collective behavior of molecular motors pulling liquid membranes'
  • Yossi Klafter: 'Biological processes on the level of a single molecule'
  • Klaus Kroy: 'How a deterministic response emerges from Brownian polymer dynamics'
  • Georg Maret: 'Conformation and stretching of end tethered DNA'
  • Ralf Metzler: 'Breathing dynamics of local DNA-denaturation zones- Sequencing and nano-sensing'
  • Felix Ritort: 'Recovering folding free energies of RNA molecules in an experimental test of Crooks fluctuation theorem'
  • Christoph Schmidt: 'Short time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids: direct observation of vortex propagation in the correlated Brownian motion of micron-sized particles'
  • Udo Seifert: 'Fluctuation theorems, Jarzynski relation and entropy production'
  • Igor Sokolov: 'Diffusion in complex molecular systems: nonlocality and memory'
  • Holger Stark: 'Hydrodynamic Interactions in Colloidal Physics and the Locomotion in Biology'
  • Royce Zia: 'On Mass Transport Models: Exact Results, Condensation Transitions, and Condensates' Properties'


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