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Robert Konig: Studying Bethe Ansatz and Allied Integrable Models using Numerical Renormalization Groups

The aim of these lectures is two-fold. One is to introduce the student
to models that are exactly solvable with the Bethe ansatz. The second is
to show how information coming from their exact solvability can be
exploited through numerical renormalization groups to study strong
(integrability-breaking) perturbations of these same models.

The main example I will employ in these lectures will be the one-
dimensional Bose gas as represented by the Lieb-Liniger model, both with
one and two components. This will allow me to both introduce the
coordinate Bethe ansatz as well as the algebraic Bethe ansatz. Time
permitting, I will also discuss the continuum reduction of the
Lieb-Liniger model to a theory of a massless Bose field and how the same
set of numerical techniques used to study perturbations of the
Lieb-Liniger model can be used study perturbations of conformal field

Room: 348/349, Theresienstr. 37
Lecture Times:
Week 1
1. Mo. 15.6 12:15-14:00
2. Fr. 19.6 12:15-14:00
3. Fr. 19.6 16:15-18:00
Week 2
4. Mo. 22.6. 12:15-14:00
5. Fr. 26.6. 12:15-14:00
6. Fr. 26.6. 16:15-18:00