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ASC is a node for Perimeter summer school ''It from Qubit''

18.07.2016 – 29.07.2016

The ASC will be a node of the ''It from Qubit'' summer school taking place at the Perimeter Institute, July 18-29. The idea is to watch the video lectures from Perimeter in the afternoon, and to gather in the mornings to solve the examples, both in room A450, Theresienstr. 37.

Concretely, we will meet in room A450 3-6.30pm German time, in order to watch the morning lectures and 9-12am (starting on July 19) in order to watch the focus lectures and the research seminar of the day before. The exercises can be solved together in room A450 in the lunch break from 12am-3pm.  

In order to make sure that our seminar room is big enough, please send an email by July 8 to in case you are interested in participating. 

The schedule can be found on the webpage of the school.