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(18.02.) Conformal fields as boundary values

Maxim Grigoriev (Moscow)

18.02.2016 at 16:15 

I plan to review the ambient space approach to AdS gauge fields, their boundary values, and the associated conformal fields paying particular attention to the structure of their gauge invariance. The underlying idea is to regard a given AdS gauge field and its associated conformal field as different phases of one and the same ambient system. As a byproduct, a concise manifestly conformal formulations for a quite general class of conformal gauge fields is obtained. The developed framework offers a rather good control over global symmetries. In particular, it is also applied to identifying those AdS or Minkowski space gauge fields whose natural isometry symmetries extend to the conformal ones. More specifically, we consider the equations of motion (or Lagrangian) symmetries of gauge systems in contrast to the analogous analysis in terms of group-theoretical modules in which case the difference between formulations in terms of gauge-variant potentials and gauge-invariant curvatures is not seen.

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