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(19.11.) The nilpotent chiral superfield

Timm Wrase (Vienna)

19.11.2015 at 16:15 

I review the appearance and utility of a nilpotent chiral multiplet in the context of supergravity, string theory and cosmology. In particular I will discuss in detail how the anti-D3-brane uplift in KKLT and LVS is connect to a nilpotent chiral superfield in 4d N=1 supergravity. Coupling such a nilpotent chiral superfield to supergravity, one obtains what is called pure dS supergravity, a supergravity theory without scalar degrees of freedom that naturally has de Sitter solutions, and in which supersymmetry is non-linearly realized. I will present the most general supergravity action for a single nilpotent chiral multiplet coupled to supergravity and an arbitrary number of chiral and vector multiplets.

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