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(05.11.) Solutions in Extended Field Theories

Felix Rudolph (QMUL)

05.11.2015 at 16:15 

Double Field Theory (DFT) and Exceptional Field Theory (EFT) employ extended spacetimes to make supergravity fully covariant under the string and M-theory dualities. I am exploring solutions in these extended spaces such as null waves and monopole structures which correspond to strings and branes in supergravity. A single self-dual solution of E_7 EFT gives all 1/2 BPS branes of ten- and eleven-dimensional supergravity. This leads to an alternative view on how T- and U-duality descends from the extended theories. I will also talk about Goldstone modes of these solutions, localization in winding space and singularities at the core of the solutions.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348