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(22.10.) NUT Black Holes in N = 2 Gauged Supergravity

Harold Erbin (LPTHE Paris)

22.10.2015 at 16:15 

We report the recent construction of an analytic solution for 1/4-BPS black holes with mass, NUT, dyonic charges and running scalars in N = 2 Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged supergravity with a symmetric very special Kähler manifold. We focus on solutions that interpolate between adS-Taub-NUT in the UV and adS2 × Σg in the IR. Then we will describe the recent extension of the Janis-Newman algorithm to (gauged) supergravity and the possibility to find new solutions, in particular with a NUT charge. arxiv: 1503.04686, 1410.2602, 1411.2909, 1501.02188

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348