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(29.01.) Elliptic multiple zeta values and one-loop superstring amplitudes

Johannes Broedel (ETH Zurich)

29.01.2015 at 16:15 

Multiple polylogarithms are functions appearing in the evaluation of tree-level scattering amplitudes in open string theory naturally. After briefly reviewing their properties, I will describe how a similar set of functions can be utilized in the context of one-loop scattering amplitudes in open string theory: elliptic iterated integrals. In the same way as the final results at tree level can be conveniently expressed in terms of usual multiple zeta values, elliptic multiple zeta values provide an effective language for one-loop scattering amplitudes in open string theory. Employing a simple example, I will show the power and the structural beauty of the formalism. In addition, I will comment on properties as well as open questions related to elliptic multiple zeta values.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348/349