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(27.11.) Radiative corrections and spontaneous supersymmetry breaking in string theory

Ioannis Florakis (CERN)

27.11.2014 at 16:15 

I will present recent work on computing radiative corrections to
non-abelian gauge couplings in four-dimensional heterotic vacua with
spontaneously broken supersymmetry. They may be considered as K3 surfaces
with additional Scherk-Schwarz fluxes responsible for the spontaneous N=4
---> N=0 breaking. Remarkably, although the gauge thresholds are no longer
BPS protected and receive contributions also from the excitations of the
RNS sector, we find that their difference is still BPS saturated and
exhibits a universal behaviour. Contrary to the case of unbroken
supersymmetry, the non-abelian gauge thresholds develop infrared
logarithmic singularities due to charged BPS-like states originating from
the twisted RNS sector becoming massless at special points of the classical
moduli space.

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