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Instantons on Special Geometries

Maike Tormählen (U. Hannover)

21.11.2013 at 16:15 

Instantons in higher-dimensional gauge theories appear, for example, in the context of string compactification. The instanton condition on the compact part of spacetime ensures supersymmetry preservation. My aim is to better understand instantons on special holonomy manifolds. I introduce higherdimensional instantons and show how the instanton condition can be rewritten as a set of differential equations and algebraic conditions. These equations can be solved under certain simplifying assuptions. The algebraic conditions can be interpreted as relations of a certain quiver gauge theory. I describe the construction of these quivers and show that the instanton conditions match the quiver relations.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348/349