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Toric Geometry in Sage and String/F-Theory Applications

Volker Braun

09.12.2010 at 16:15 

Toric geometry has long been an indispensable tool to construct explicit string theory compactifications. In my talk I will introduce the toric varieties package of the Sage computer algebra system, which strives to be a fast yet user- friendly implementation of all toric algorithms. As an application, I will describe some global embeddings of branes at singularities. Another application is the construction of base threefolds for F-theory elliptic fibrations. For example, there are relatively simple global models whose GUT divisor is not simply connected, allowing one to use discrete Wilson line breaking. Finally, I will discuss the "F-theory landscape" in this context.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348/349