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Quantum Crystals and Topological Strings

Domenico Orlando

18.12.2008 at 16:15 

Random partitions appear in many branches of mathematics and physics, such as Gromov-Witten theory, random matrix theory, Seiberg-Witten theory and others. In particular, the partition function of the melting crystal corner, given by the MacMahon function, has been shown to equal the partition function of the topological string A-model with target space C3. In this talk I will discuss the equivalent crystal melting problem in two and three dimensions. Particular emphasis will be given to the quantized version that is deeply related to the XXZ spin chain. After having shown exact and numerical results I will discuss the properties of these systems as well their relation to stochastic quantization, and implications for topological string theory. Partly based on 0803.1927[cond-mat.stat-mech].

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
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Room 348/349