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New methods for N=2 amplitudes in string theory (10.04.)

Ioannis Florakis (MPP Munich)

10.04.2014 at 16:15 

In this series of 4 lectures, I will provide a pedagogical review of recently developed
techniques for evaluating one-loop (BPS) amplitudes in N=2 string theory. The first
lecture will contain a basic introduction to the simplest N=2 amplitude, the vacuum
amplitude for the heterotic string on K3 x T2, and then move on to discuss gauge
and gravitational threshold corrections. Subsequent lectures (presumably on April
16, 23, 24) will aim to discuss useful techniques in the theory of modular forms, the
Niebur-Poincaré basis of harmonic Maass forms, and the Rankin-Selberg method for
evaluating modular integrals. Applications will include the explicit study of
holomorphic prepotentials using the theory of Eichler integrals, of Yukawa couplings,
of congruence subgroup methods useful in vacua with partial spontaneous
supersymmetry breaking and, finally, applications to N=2 topological amplitudes.

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