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D-branes and matrix factorisations in supersymmetric coset models

Nicolas Behr (AEI Golm)

08.07.2010 at 16:15 

In the first part of the talk, results of arxiv:1005.2117 (N.B. and S. Fredenhagen) are presented. The main result of this paper is a (partial) correspondence between D-branes in the SU(3)_k/U(2) Kazama-Suzuki models with B-type boundary conditions and matrix factorizations of the corresponding Landau-Ginzburg models, which for the SU(2)_k/U(1) models (A_n-type minimal models) has been shown to exist by Kapustin and Li in 2003. The presentation will include a short introduction to the explicit construction of both of these theories and explain in which sense there exists a correspondence. In the second part of the talk, ideas and preliminary results are presented for improving the correspondence to a full match of B-type D-branes to matrix factorizations for these models. The approach is based on the use of certain topological defects to generate the relevant matrix factorizations.

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