Theoretical Solid State Physics

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  • Prof. Jan von Delft
    Correlated electron and spin systems. Dynamical and transport properties. Quantum impurity models. Renormalization group methods (NRG, DMRG, FRG). Dynamical mean field theory. Hund metals

    Postdocs: Seung-Sup Lee, Katharina Stadler
    Ph.D. students: Fabian Kugler, Jheng-Wei Li, Elias Walter, Andreas Gleis
    Master students: Santiago Aguirre
  • Prof. Matthias Punk
    Strongly correlated quantum systems, in particular high-Tc superconductors, spin-liquids, ultracold atomic gases

    Ph.D. students: Sebastian Huber, Dimitri Pimenov
    Master students: David Moser, Julia Brunkert

  • Dr. Seung-Sup Lee
    Quantum impurity models. Numerical renormalization group. Dynamical mean-field theory. Hund metals.

    Ph.D. students: Fabian Kugler, Elias Walter
    Master students: Andreas Gleis
  • Dr. habil. Andreas Weichselbaum
    Quasiexact numerical methods for strongly correlated quantum many body
    systems [Numerical renormalization group (NRG), density matrix
    renormalization group (DMRG), tensor network states], quantum impurity
    models, quantum quenches, quantum information.
    Until December 2017: Heisenberg Fellow (DFG) at LMU;
    Since January 2018:staff scientist at Brookhaven National Lab, New York,
    with frequent periodic visits to Munich still due to ongoing research projects and collaborations
  • Dr. Oleg Yevtushenko
    - Protected transport in topological insulators and interacting systems
    - Exotic phases in Kondo-Heisenberg systems
    - Interacting low-dimensional systems with- and without disorder
    - Mesoscopics and mathematical models for disordered systems
    - Directed transport and nonlinear phenomena

    Master students: Florian Stäbler
    Research student: Pol Alonso-Cuevillas Ferrer