Theoretical Solid State Physics

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We are happy to welcome the following new group member:

Anxiang Ge

I am a Master student supervised by Prof. Jan von Delft and Fabian Kugler. My thesis will be on the interaction vertex of the Hubbard-atom in Keldysh-formalism. Thereby I will support the Keldysh-mFRG group.

In my leisure time I like to do sports (running and bouldering) or to cook.

Maximilian Dorfner

I am writing my Master's Thesis with Prof. von Delft & Dr. Lee on the application of Tensor - Networks methods to the Anderson Model with superconducting leads.

Apart from physics I am interested in all kind of outdoor activities, especially hiking & climbing.

Johannes Halbinger

I'm a Ph.D. student supervised by Matthias Punk. My main research topic is the investigation of quantum critical points in metals via renormalization group methods.

Random fact about me: I’m German Champion in the Men’s Division in billiards.