Theoretical Solid State Physics

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We are happy to welcome the following new group members:


David Toffenetti

Hi! I'm Davide and I come from Italy. I'm writing my bachelor thesis under supervision of Prof. Matthias Punk. My thesis describe the Kitaev's honeycomb model and its properties, like fractionalization and his non-local excitation. That's leads to the prediction of thermal quantum Hall effect; this prediction is in accord with the experiment.

I have been playing flute for twelve years and I really like play chess. I also love mountains.

Benedikt Schneider

I am a Master student under supervision of Prof. Matthias Punk.
My thesis deals with the study of the phases of the Heisenberg Model on the Pyrochlor lattice using the slave-fermion-formulation.
Next to theoretical solid-state physics I am interested in time dependent open quantum systems.
In my free time I play the harp, the piano and love to sing. I also enjoy ballroom dancing a lot.

Navid Roshani

I am a Bachelor student currently writing my Bachlorthesis under the supervision of Andreas Gleis about Fermi surface reconstruction using ancilla spins.

In my time off I’m a big fan of sailing and playing the piano.

Changkai Zhang

I am a master student supervised by Prof. Jan von Delft and I will be working on a master project about the iPEPS study of t-t’ Hubbard model. I used to be a high energy physicist following a powerful tool called AdS/CFT correspondence which miraculously connects high energy, condensed matter and quantum information altogether. You are kindly welcomed to my personal webpage

I am a big fan of drones and model aircrafts. I also enjoy playing ping-pong (table tennis).

Frederik Pfeiffer

I'm a Master student, starting my master thesis under supervision of Seung-Sup Lee and Andreas Gleis.
It will be about simulation of heavy-fermion systems using DMFT/NRG methods.

In my free time I like to do sports (biking, vollyball), play chess or hang out with friends.

Shashank Anand

I am an M.Sc. Physics student and I intend to write my master's thesis under Prof. Matthias Punk's supervision.

My thesis deals with the study of the pseudogap-phase using the slave-Boson-formulation.
In my free time, I play the flute and read books.

Pol Alonso-Cuevillas Ferrer

I am Master student and I will be writing my master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Oleg Yevtushenko with the help of Seung-Sup Lee and Andreas Weichselbaum. I am going to be working on the numerical analysis of the RKKY/Kondo effect competition on one-dimensional helical system coupled with Kondo impurities.

In my free time, I like to learn languages, go on excursions and meet with friends.