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BMBF project on Quantum LifeLong Learning (QL³)

Quantum technologies comprise rapidly growing scientific fields with great potential for applications in industry. The current challenge for Germany and Europe is to educate a sufficiently large number of students in quantum technologies and to transfer knowledge as well as technological expertise from the research laboratories to the industrial sector. A key role is played by the specialists and executives of the high-tech industry, who have to recognize and implement the specific potential of quantum technologies for the respective company.

The BMBF funded project Quantum LifeLong Learning (QL³) is a targeted education and training program of the Munich universities in the field of quantum technologies according to a university certificate and ECTS system with the target group of specialists and executives in industry. In close cooperation with an industrial advisory board and university didactics experts, world-renowned researchers create educational concepts and programs to jointly advance this new topic in adult education at the interface between cutting-edge research and product development.

Innovation and perspectives

In cooperation with an industrial advisory board, the modules will be developed according to industrial needs and thus market value. In a mid-term perspective, the programm will by run at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning
(TUM IL³).

Funded by the BMBF under contract 13N15996
contact: Prof. A.W. Holleitner (TUM) and Prof. Jan von Delft (LMU)

Figure: Quantum technologies rely on high-end measurement systems, such as ultra-cold crystats, C. Hohmann, MCQST.



New Member:

Philipp Kaufmann

I am currently studying physics in the 6th semester and this summer I will write my bachelor thesis on the topic "Analytical continuation of correlation functions in many-particle physics". Nepomuk Ritz and Anxiang Ge will accompany me. I am really looking forward to my time here at the Delft chair.