Theoretical Solid State Physics

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We welcome our new members

Our department for Solid State Physics is a place where people are brought together and encouraged to think deeply about the unknown. We exist to generate new knowledge that helps to inform our understanding of the world in every possible dimension. There is such a sense of adventure and possibility in our work, and it is good to remember from time to time how fortunate we are to have the privilege of being here, of seeking satisfaction—of seeking joy—as we strive to make our contributions to knowledge and to humanity.

To those of you who are here for the first time, welcome. To those of you who are here for another year, welcome back—and thank you for helping to make this deparmtment the extraordinary place that it is. 

New members September - November 2023

Hong-Hao Tu

It's my great pleasure to rejoin the group after six years. The topic of my research is theoretical and computational condensed matter physics, in particular, tensor networks, topological phases of matter, and conformal field theory. In my spare time, I enjoy soccer and hiking. I look forward to fruitful interactions with all group members!

Jin-Tao Jin

Hello! I'm Jin-Tao Jin from China. It's a great pleasure to visit this group for 3 months. My research mainly focuses on the theoretical aspects of unconventional superconductivity and quantum spin liquid states. I'm also interested in other strongly correlated electron systems. I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions and exchanges with all of you!

Gianluca Grosso

Hey, I'm Gianluca, the fresh face around here. I'm all in for theoretical solid state physics and getting friendly with Quantics Tensor Cross Interpolation. When I'm not pondering over quantum mysteries, you'll find me being a sports fanatic and a food enthusiast – especially when it comes to pasta! I’m looking forward to work with you all!

Boheng Niu

Hello! I'm Boheng from China. It's a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this group with such excellent and motivated individuals. I'll be focusing on applying DMFT+NRG to tackle the three-band Hubbard model. I'm excited to engage in discussions with all of you, both about physics and life.

Francisca Madeira

Hello! I'm Francisca, and I come from the warm and sunny land of Portugal. I'm excited to be joining the group as a new PhD student, where I'll also be working with the Quantum-enhanced AI group at Fraunhofer IKS. My research will primarily focus on quantum and quantum-inspired tensor network methods in machine learning. In my free time, you'll mainly find me appreciating art and music, and going on hikes.

Toni Guthardt

It is a great pleasure for me to join the group as a new master student. My work will focus on computational condensed matter physics using tensor networks techniques. In my leisure time, I especially enjoy trail running and Stand-Up-Paddling. I look forward to this exciting experience and hope to have some interesting conversations with my fellow group members.

Dimitra Nikolaidou

I am very excited to join this group as a master student. My work in the group will focus on improving tensor network methods for the simulation of 2D condensed matter systems using ideas from deep learning. When I'm not working you will find me reading literature, playing music, or exploring new places. I look forward to all the new experiences that this new scientific path will bring!

Guillermo Munoz Menes

Hello! I'm Guillermo and I come from Spain. I am thrilled to join this group where I'll work on my Master's thesis. The main topic of it is the study of Tensor Network methods, more precisely the implementation of CBE+DMRG to study the Hubbard model on different geometries. In my free time I enjoy practicing sport and reading about lots of different topics. I am really looking forward to start this new journey and to share it with all of you!

Ester Pages

Hello! My name is Ester and I come from Barcelona. It is a pleasure to be joining the group as a new master student / HIWI. My job will be implementing a parallelized version of DMRG and creating electronic versions of the diagrams for the lectures of the Tensor Networks course. In my free time, I enjoy playing music and going on hikes. I am very much looking forward to starting this new experience.