Arnold Sommerfeld Center

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Associate Members

Name Title Position Room +49 (0)89 2180 - Email
Blumenhagen, Ralph PD Dr.  Senior Researcher 310 276 Email
Burkert, Andreas Prof. Dr.  Professor (chair)
Gerland, Ulrich Prof. Dr.  Professor Email
Hartmann, Stephan Prof. Dr.  Chair and Head of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy Email
Helling, Robert Dr.  Manager of TMP Master Programme B339 4523 Email
Kutyniok, Gitta Prof. Dr.  4401 Email
Lesch, Harald Prof. Dr.  Professor (chair) 6007 Email
Schottenloher, Martin Prof. Dr.  422 4435 Email
Stieberger, Stephan Dr.  Senior Researcher 323 310 Email
Zwerger, Wilhelm Prof. Dr.  Professor (chair)