Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Dr. Barzegar Ali



Work group

AG Oriti: Quantum Gravity and Foundations of Physics

Further Information

Personal presentation

I’m a postdoc at ASC and MCMP. My main areas of research lie within the philosophy of science and philosophy of physics especially the foundations of quantum theory. In my doctoral research, I’ve worked on the metaphysical implications of epistemic interpretations of quantum theory. You can reach me at

Ongoing projects

In my current research, I seek a unified philosophical framework for better understanding epistemic interpretations of quantum theory and their possible implications for philosophical issues in quantum gravity. In particular, the interpretation of probability and the nature of the wavefunction or the quantum state are important issues I’m trying to clarify. I work on the philosophical aspects of quantum gravity notably the disappearance and emergence of spacetime, the problem of time and the problem of empirical incoherence. Another main theme in my research is the nature of the laws of nature especially as relates to the interpretive issues in quantum theory. One the one hand, I’m interested in exploring how different conceptions of the laws of nature influence our interpretation of central elements of the quantum mechanical formalism notably the wavefunction. On the other hand, it seems that adopting a particular interpretative approach to quantum mechanics influences our conception of a law of nature.


  • A. Barzegar and D. Oriti, Epistemic-Pragmatist Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: A Comparative Assessment [arXiv:2210.13620 [quant-ph]]