Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Application procedure

If you want to apply for the graduate program please send the following documents:

  • A one page statement of why you want to join the elite graduate program "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics"
  • You high-school diploma (Zeugnis der Hochschulreife), in translation if appropriate
  • Your bachelor certificate in physics or mathematics displaying your grades (alternatively: Vordiplomszeugnis and grades of subsequent courses or a recent "Transcript of records", if available)
  • Curriculum vitae containing your current mailing address (both email and paper mail) as well as your date of birth and nationalities
  • A letter of recommendation (should be sent separately by email or to the same address directly by the referee. Do not include it with your application. If your referee prefers to use encrypted email - this is optional -, the appropriate cryptographic keys can be found below)
  • If available: GRE subject test in physics or mathematics (preferably sent directly to us, our Institution Code is 7263), required for applicants without a Bachelor's degree from within the European Economic Area (Due to the pandemic, in many areas GRE tests were cancelled. In this case, you can still successfully apply without a GRE subject test but please include it if you have it)
  • If available: TOEFL, IELTS or comparable test
  • Any other material you see fit

Please make sure you include your email address (for example in the CV) so we can contact you!

At this stage of the application, there is no need to fill in any application form.

Usually, there is no point in sending your application by registered mail ("Recommendé"/"Einschreiben"). We will let you know by email as soon as we receive your application.

The application deadline is June 15th in every year for the class starting in October. You can apply at any point before that deadline.

Please refrain from using staples, paper clips, or folders for your application documents as they complicate the further processing of your application. Some documents come stapled (e.g. certified copies or translations), you can leave those as they are but please do not add extra staples that interfere with the document feeder of our scanner/copier. No Staples!

The application deadline for the course starting in fall is (expected to be) June 15th in every year.

Send your application to

Elitemasterprogam TMP
z. Hd. Robert Helling
Lehrstuhl Luest
Dept. f. Physik
LMU Muenchen
Theresienstr. 39
80333 Muenchen

In 2024 at this first stage of the application process, you can apply electronically by sending your application as a single PDF file by email to . When compiling the PDF file, you can help us by concatening the files in the order as in the list above.

Upon acceptance, you will later have to present originals/certified copies. The letter of recommendation has be sent separately to directly from your referee.

Promising applicants will be invited to an interview after which the final decision about admission will be made. This interview can be waived for applicants with exceptionally good grades.

Important note:

Please be aware that the TMP master program shares many of its classes with the MSc programs in physics and mathematics. While applying to TMP you might also consider applying to the other programs (both at LMU and TUM) as well as those have different requirements for admission (in particular they do not require strong backgrounds in both physics and mathematics). Application to the other programs  does not affect your chances to be admitted to TMP. If you are interested in those programs you have to send separate applications as descibed on the respective web pages.

The formal requirement to enrol in a graduate program leading to a master's degree is a bachelor's degree. We understand that students enrolled in a program leading to a Diplom do not have a bachelor's degree. Thus, for a transitional period, students with a Vordiplom in physics or mathematics (and preferably two more semesters of the Diplomstudiengang) can enrol in the graduate program "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics" under the condition that they complete their bachelor's degree within the first year. The detailed procedure for this is currently being worked out.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

We intend to digitally sign important emails sent our by us. Robert Helling uses GnuPG with finger print

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85FD 9B32 4F0D E894 AD4F 8E45 78E3 F3BF 19DF 9623 ( 19DF9623)
(new keys generated May 2020)

The full key can be found here.