Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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We are currently seeking applications for the Elite-MSc course on "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics". The deadline is July 15th. more

The team winning this year's QHack 21 quantum machine learning hackathon is "The notorious FUB" from Berlin including TMP alumnus David Wierichs. David completed his TMP master project in elementary particle physics before joining the quantum information group in Cologne to pursue a PhD. more

TMP alumna Valentina Ros wins EPS-SNPD Early Career Prize

TMP alumna Valentina Ros wins  EPS-SNPD Early Career Prize

Valentina Ros who studied in the TMP program 2010-2012 wins the 2019 EPS-SNPD Early Career Prize for her work in statistical physics. She is currently a post-doc at the Laboratoire de Physique of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. The quotation is ”for her outstanding research contributions in quantum and classical disordered systems, explaining new ways in which those systems can break ergodicity and fail to equilibrate, and her investigations of rough, high-dimensional landscapes emerging in this context.”