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Mirror Symmetry alla Gross/Wilson

Ismail Achmed-Zade @ ASC

10.05.2017 at 12:30  -  10.05.2017 at 13:30

Following the famous SYZ-conjecture in 1996, M Gross and PMH Wilson proved a version of it in 2000 (math/0008018) for the K3 surface with 24 type I1 singular fibers. The analyses heavily relied on constructing an almost Ricci flat metric by glueing 24 copiesof the Ooguri-Vafa metric to a standard semi-flat metric.

In the first part of my talk I plan to (partially) explain this procedure, and in the final part I want to give an outlook on higher dimensional
versions of this construction. I propose a (corollary) of this theorem, for a very specific class of CYs that are total spaces of T^4 bundles over S^2, which locally look like K3 x T^2 (hep-th/0810.5195).
In order to further entice my audience the speaker shall provide cookies. An attempt to save time has been made, in view of the positive avalancheof interesting seminars this week.

ASC Theresienstraße 37
Room 449

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