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Online summer school on "Topology and Interactions in Optical Lattices"

30.09.2020  -  02.10.2020

Dear Colleagues,

this is a reminder that within the DFG Research Unit FOR 2414 "Artificial Gauge Fields and Interacting Topological Phases in Ultracold Atoms" we will have an *online summer school on "Topology and Interactions in Optical Lattices", September 30 - October 2, 2020.*

Topics covered by the School include engineering of artificial gauge fields in ultracold quantum gases, topological insulators and band structures, topological order in strongly correlated systems, experimental platforms from solids to quantum simulators, Floquet engineering and effects of driving in synthetic topological quantum matter.

Leticia Tarruell (ICFO Barcelona)
Christof Weitenberg (University of Hamburg)
Ulrich Schollwöck (LMU Munich)
Nicolas Regnault (ENS Paris)
Nathan Goldman (Free University of Brussels)
Oded Zilberberg (ETH Zurich)
Giovanna Morigi (Saarland University)

We kindly ask you to please forward this information to potential candidates and encourage them to apply. The school is addressed to students and beginning postdocs. Instead of a poster session, we are planning a number of short contributed presentations from selected participants, plus additional discussion opportunities.

*For further details see* <>

The deadline for application is September 1, 2020.

Additional information on FOR 2414 can be found here: <>

Best regards,

The organizers: Walter Hofstetter, Monika Aidelsburger, Fabian Grusdt

Dr. Tatjana Wilk
MCQST General Manager

Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST)
Schellingstr. 4
D-80799 München

phone: +49 89 2180 - 6129