Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Summerschool NanoQI, 07/2019, San Sebastian (Spain)

22.07.2019  -  26.07.2019

NanoQI'19 provides an introduction to the basics and recent advances in

several main areas of quantum information theory and solid-state-based
quantum technologies. Both the physics of different implementations of
quantum information and technologies and the relevant theoretical
methods are covered.

The confirmed lecturers and speakers are: Guido Burkard, Yiwen Chu,
Ignacio Cirac, Per Delsing, Barbara Kraus, Mikhail Lukin, Klaus Molmer,
Sander Otte, Steven Simon, and Jelena Vuckovic.

The school follows the format of the prior schools of the same name
(NanoQI'16 and '17) and is aimed at PhD students working in quantum
information processing or quantum technologies and at young postdocs
entering the field. It offers lectures by 8 leading researchers both
from experiment and from theory that provide an overview of the main
concepts and methods and explain promising current research directions.
In addition, with three scientific talks, a poster session, and ample
room for discussions it offers a forum for all participants to present
and discuss their own research with their colleagues and senior researchers.

Application deadline is April 7th; the decision will be communicated
until April 15th; registration closes on May 21st.

The school fee of 330EUR covers coffee breaks, lunches and school
dinner. Accommodation is not included in the registration fee, but
affordable rooms are reserved and available upon acceptance (until May
21st). For further information about topics, speakers, and venue and on
how to apply, please see:


The application deadline for the school is the 7th of April.

San Sebastian, Spain