Theoretical Solid State Physics

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School "Gapless Fermions - from Fermi liquids to strange metals", 02/2020, Dresden

17.02.2020  -  28.02.2020

We would like to announce a winter school on "Gapless Fermions - from Fermi liquids to strange metals", MPIPKS Dresden, 17 - 28 February 2020. The lecturers include F. Assaad, J. Checkelsky, C. Felser, A. Georges* (TBC), T. Giamarchi, I. Herbut, S. Lee, A. P. Mackenzie, W. Metzner, J. Schmalian, R. Shankar, V. Sunko, M. Vojta, and Y. You. Deadline for applications is 31 October 2019. Further details can be found on the attached poster, which we would like to ask you to kindly post at your institution and/or forward to potential participants. With best regards, S. Bhattacharjee, R. Moessner, A. Ramires

MPIPKS, Dresden, Germany