Theoretical Solid State Physics

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7th International Doctoral Training Session "Frontiers of Condensed Matter", 09/2019, Le Houches (France)

16.09.2019  -  27.09.2019

The 7th International Doctoral Training Session "Fronftiers of Condensed Matter" will take place in Les Houches, Sep 16-27, 2019. This session is organized jointly by the Physics Graduate School of Grenoble, by the Casimir Research School of Delft-Leiden (Netherlands), the Donostia International Physics Center in San Sebastian (Spain), and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). It aims at offering final year Master students and junior PhD-students (1st/2nd year) a high-level training program in the general area of condensed matter physics. The session will consist of lectures series on the following topics: * *Quantum transport* - Y. Nazarov (Delft, Netherlands) * *Topological phases* - M. Houzet (Grenoble, France) * *Quantum information* - R. Orus (San Sebastian, Spain) * *Nanomagnetism* - W. Wernsdorfer (Karlsruhe, Germany) * *Quantum thermodynamics* - J. Pekola (Aalto, Finland) * *Strongly correlated systems* - L. Fritz (Utrecht, Netherlands), complemented by more specialized pedagogical seminars on timely topics, poster sessions, and discussion forums. The cost of the session including meals and accommodation is 690€. Students of the participating organizations may contact one of the local organizers to inquire about financial support. Deadline for applications: *June 15, 2019*

Les Houches (France)