Computational & Plasma Physics

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PhD positions

Prof. Dr. A. Scrinzi

Attosecond dynamics in atoms and molecules

Attosecond XUV pulses render electronic and the fastest nuclear motions in atoms and molecules directly observable: Can we directly measure the tunneling process? Can we watch the formation or disintegration of a molecule? Perform research on the underlying mechanisms, identify new observables, explain existing experiments.

Light-induced ultrafast dynamics at solid surfaces

Ultrashort pulses allow the observation of dynamics far from the steady state. In this project new theoretical and computational methods for this regime will be developed. Collaboration with leading groups in computational material science (SFB ViCoM) for describing correlated materials.

BEC dynamics beyond the Gross-Pitaevsky equation

Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) can be manipulated by external fields. In the process, the systems invariably depart from their (approximate) Gross-Pitaevsky (GP) ground state. Processes like number squeezing, vortex formation, or fragmentation will be investigated in the MCTDHB framework that includes and extends the Gross-Pitaevsky equation.

Style of work

Model building, quantum theory, computational implementation, large-scale computing, collaboration with experiment in the framework of the Munich Advanced Photonics excellence cluster. The exact mix will depend on personal interests and on the individual project.


Professor: A. Scrinzi
Room: A206
Phone: 089 / 2180-4608