Theoretical Particle Physics

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Doctoral Theses of former PhD Students

Giordano Cintia (Dec 6, 2023)
Quantum effects in classical backgrounds: dark matter superfluidity and coherent states [INSPIRE]

Oleg Kaikov (Aug 22, 2023)
On quantum information, thermalization and gravity [INSPIRE]

Christoph Müller-Salditt (Jun 14, 2023)
Power Counting in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory with Applications to h → gg and h → γγ [INSPIRE]

Emmanouil Koutsangelas (May 5, 2023)
How the axion paves the way beyond the standard model [INSPIRE]

Andrei Kovtun (Dec 12, 2022)
Quantum dynamics of non-perturbative solutions [INSPIRE]

Otari Sakhelashili (July 15, 2022)
On quantum description of saturated systems [INSPIRE]

Michael Zantedeschi (Jun 6, 2022)
On structure and primordial origin of black holes [INSPIRE]

Max Warkentin (May 11, 2022)
Quantum and Classical Effects in Brane-World Large Distance Modified Gravity : The DGP Model With Two Branes [INSPIRE]