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The annual meeting of Spintronics in 2005 was held in Poznan, Poland, on September 25-30, 2005


The annual meeting of Spintronics RTN in year 2004 (midterm review meeting)
was held in Budapest on October 4-7, 2004


According to the discussion we had in the last meeting in Muenich in November, we are planning to strengthen the training character of the meeting and have 1 hour long introductory/overview-type talks every morning, given by an (possibly external) expert, to set the scene for the further talks of that day (which will ideally be thematically related). Group leaders are more than welcome to suggest names whom we should invite for such talks.

Last year we also decided to have short summary talks --preferably given by the group leaders-- about the present and future activity of each group. For this purposes, we plan to have a 12+3 minutes time slot for every group. Since the upcoming meeting is also our midterm review meeting and there will be people from Brussels attending, each groups is also requested to be represented by at least one poster.

Additionally, the network fellows are requested to give 25+5 minutes talks about their research. For the other network members, we have time slots left for a few more talks. Of course, poster presentations are also welcome. If it fits to the program, there might also be a possibility to advertise posters in 2-3 minutes mini-talks.