Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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(18.10.) Black holes and thermality of eigenstates

Julian Sonner (Geneva)

18.10.2018 at 16:15

Using holographic duality, black hole formation is mapped to the process of thermalisation of highly excited initial states in the dual CFT. In recent years, renewed progress in directly addressing this question from a field theory perspective was made, thanks to new non-perturbative techniques which are especially powerful in the semi-classical regime, that is for CFT with a large central charge. I will review some of this progress before moving on to a discussion of the precise mechanism of thermalisation in large-c CFT with a holographic dual, its relation to the so-called eigenstate thermalisation hypothesis (ETH), and finally make some comments on their relation to the (perceived) non-unitarity of quantum black holes.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
Theresienstrasse 37
Room 348