Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Job Openings

Job opening for a senior postdoc position at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich:

We have an immediate opening for a senior postdoc position at the Theory Department of the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics in Munich.
We invite candidates who have experience in string theory, supergravity, quantum field theory, (quantum) gravity and related subjects, with particular emphasis to connect these theories to the standard model of particle physics and also to cosmology.
This includes string model building (F-theory, heterotic, flux compactifications, generalized geometry, double field theory etc), both from the mathematical and also from the phenomenological point of view, as well as other approaches in gravity, in black hole physics, in string theory and in quantum field theory.

The position can be for a duration between 3 - 5 years, depending on the age and the experience of the candidate.
Application are asked to be sent to

Mrs. Monika Goldammer, Max-Planck-Institut for Physics,
preferable with c.c. to Dieter Lüst,

Postdoc positions for fall 2017:

We are part of a group of institutes that collaborate for applying postdocs, using a webbased procedure. You should use the application form on the net. On that website you find also all relevant information. In our institute we have adapted the strategy that we only consider candidates that have applied in this way. This year there are also two postdoc positions available funded by the ERC grant "Fundamental Aspects of Strings and Gravity". One of these is in the field of gravitational string scattering, classicalization, black holes and LHC physics, the other one is in the field of new string geometries, non-geometric string backgrounds, doubled field theory and applications in cosmology and particle physics.

There is no need to send any paper to us. We only use the information sent to this web-application.