Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Archive Summer Term 2012

09.05.2012 AT 12:45 

Strong quantum interference in strongly disordered bosonic insulators
Sergey Syzranov (Karlsruhe)

A248 Theresienstraße 37

25.05.2012 AT 10:15 

ASC lecturer series: Title TBA
Professor Boris Altshuler (Columbia University, USA)

A348/349 Theresienstraße 37

08.06.2012 AT 10:15 

20.06.2012 AT 10:15 

Non-equilibrium dissipative dynamics and heating of cold atoms in optical lattices
Andrew Daley (University of Pittsburgh)

B139 Theresienstraße 39

22.06.2012 AT 10:15 

Quantum Noise in a Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot in the Kondo Regime
Gergely Zaránd (TU Budapest)

A249 Theresienstraße 37

29.06.2012 AT 10:15 

04.07.2012 AT 10:15 

Superconductivity and the Pseudogap in the 2d Hubbard model
Emanuel Gull (MPI PKS Dresden)

B139 Theresienstraße 39

06.07.2012 AT 10:15 

Simulating Strong System-Environment Interactions
Martin Plenio (Universität Ulm)

A249 Theresienstraße 37

11.07.2012 AT 11:00 

Shortcuts to adiabaticity in many-body systems
Adolfo del Campo (Theoretical Division and Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)

B139 Theresienstraße 39

13.07.2012 AT 10:15 

20.07.2012 AT 10:15 

Scattering of massless particles in one-dimensional chiral channel
Mikhail Pletyukhov (RWTH Aachen)

A249 Theresienstraße 37

25.07.2012 AT 10:15 

27.07.2012 AT 10:15 

Near-threshold Feshbach resonances
Frauke Schwarz (TUM)

A449 - Theresienstr. 37

01.08.2012 AT 10:15 

Electrostatic control over polarized currents through spinorbital Kondo effect
George Martins (Oakland University)

A449 - Theresienstr. 37