Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Spectral function of a quantum dimer model for the pseudogap metal

Sebastian Huber

09.02.2017 at 12:15 

We study a quantum dimer model 1,2 , which describes several key properties of the pseudogap phase of hole-doped cuprates at low hole density p. The configurations of the system are built from two species of dimers: Fermionic dimers that carry spin S = 1/2 and charge +e embedded in a neutral background of bosonic spin singlet dimers.
We compute electron spectral functions using exact diagonalization on lattices of size 6x6 and find clear signature of the so-called pseudogap at the antinode in momentum space.
In a second part we show how to implement a cluster dynamical mean-field approach in order to calculate spectral properties of the quantum dimer model with higher resolution. The cluster impurity problem is solved using the numerical renormalization group technique.

A 450, Theresienstr. 37