Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Archive Summer Term 2013

18.04.2013 AT 12:00 

Transport through a Multimode Quantum Point Contact
Katharina Eissing (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

19.04.2013 AT 10:15 

10.06.2013 AT 10:00 

13.06.2013 AT 12:00 

Infinite Matrix Product States from Conformal Field Theory
Dr. Hong-Hao Tu, MPQ

B101 Theresienstraße 39

04.07.2013 AT 12:00 

The influence of the spin-orbit effect on the 0.7-anomaly
Olga Goulko (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

11.07.2013 AT 12:00 

Critical phenomena of the two-channel spin-boson model
Benedikt Bruognolo (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39