Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Archive Winter Term 2012/2013

12.10.2012 AT 14:00 

18.10.2012 AT 12:30 

Journal Club
Yonatan Most (Weizmann Institute of Sience)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

25.10.2012 AT 12:30 

Transport through two coupled, one-dimensional quantum wires
Katharina Eissing (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

15.11.2012 AT 12:00 

Dynamical Mean Field Theory and Numerical Renormalization Group
Katharina Stadler (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

06.12.2012 AT 12:00 

Symmetry breaking in the two channel Spin-Boson model
Benedikt Bruognolo (LMU)

B101 Theresienstraße 39

08.03.2013 AT 10:00