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How to find an apartment in Munich

General Comments

  1. If you need a furnished apartment for a short period of time (<= 1 year), contact Statt-Hotel, Home-Company, etc. They can help, though the quality of apartments rented out for a short period is not always high.
  2. If you avoid large agencies, it is practically impossible to find an apartment of normal quality for a short period. Many landlords prefer to rent out the apartment for 2-3 years or longer. It may help if you are able to argue that an extension of your stay in Munich beyond 1 or 2 years is in principle possible (e.g. if your initial contract is only for one year, but you have an option of staying longer beyond that). In that case, be prepared to show them your invitation to Munich for the longer period.
  3. The market of furnished apartments is extremely small. Keep your eye on apartments with a kitchen (EBK), it is a reasonable option.
  4. Apartment-hunting must be started well in advance before your move to Munich. If you are lucky you will be able to move into the apartment a month after the day when you sign the contract. In the worst case, you may have to wait about 2 months until the apartment has been vacated by the previous tenant and renovated.
  5. The housing market dynamics in Munich is incredibly fast. Good offers disappear on the scale of 24 hours. The situation is more relaxed in summer time and gets much worse in September/October. These two months are the most difficult for apartment-hunting. Once an advertisement for a possibly suitable apartment catches your eye, you should immediately make an appointment to see it right away, and if the apartment is offered to you, take a decision A.S.A.P. If the apartment is attractive, there might be 10 or more applicants per one apartment on the waiting list, of which more than half would likely be prepared to take the apartment immediately upon receiving the offer.
  6. Small agencies are very friendly and can speak many languages, but their speed is not sufficient to compete with the market dynamics. Thus, do not count too much on their help.
  7. Among the newspapers, try to find a local free-of-charge newspaper of preferred regions, like "Hallo". They do not have an on-line version, but can be of real help.
  8. It is a good idea to write your own advertisement. If you clearly describe your situation and preferences there (which type of apartment and for how long you need it), landlords will contact you with suitable offers. This mode of finding tenants is particularly popular among landlords that have very attractive apartments, which they prefer not to advertise publicly because they would be swamped with interested tenants. Thus, they prefer to search themselves for tenants that suit their own preferences.

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  • Physiologicum
    Center for Scientists - Schillerstr. (near Central Station) 595€ / month
    between 20€ and 25€ - Kitchen available
    Andrea-Kindermann-Schadl - Tel.: 089 - 2180- 75360
    Frank Spielmann - Tel.: 089 - 2180- 75352l
  • Hotel Mariahilfplatz (5min from Marienplatz) 595€/ month