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International School "Enrico Fermi" on Quantum Simulators

22.07.2016  -  27.07.2016

Aim of the School is to bring together some of the leading world experts to present an overview of the field of quantum simulators and to give a vision on its future to graduate students and postdocs. The idea is not to focus on specific implementation but rather to cover the various directions that are presently being investigated more intensively.

There are five FET projects involved (AQus, QUCHIP, QUIC, Qu ProCs, RYSQ) whose purpose is to investigate on different aspects of Quantum Simulation. Some of the scientists participating in these projects will give lectures at the school (Fabio Sciarrino, Andrew Daley, Immanuel Bloch, Philip Wather), and the coordinator of one of these FET projects (Tommaso Calarco) is also one of the Directors of the School.

Varenna, Lake of Como, Italy