Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Summer school on Computational Methods for Quantum Materials

30.05.2016  -  10.06.2016

Conceptual advances, new algorithms and the power of modern computers have allowed numerical methods to rank amongst new theoretical frameworks that are indispensable for understanding collective electronic properties of complex solids.

This School will focus on computational tools for both models and ab-initio methods that deal with so-called "quantum materials" whose spectacular properties, ranging from large thermopower, high-temperature superconductors to heavy fermions, topological insulators and colossal magnetoresistance materials, are consequences of the non-trivial quantum mechanical nature of electrons and of their interactions.

The merging of methods for models of strongly correlated quantum materials with ab-initio methods now allows one to make predictions for materials with d and f electrons that were unimaginable until recently. A good part of the School will be devoted to these.

Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada