Theoretical Solid State Physics

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From Photonics to Polaritonics

Interface of strongly correlated and quantum physics.

27.03.2016  -  01.04.2016

Scientific Scope

Complex media have fascinating transport properties. They constitute a challenge in present science since recently discovered light-matter bound states may for the first time be computed using modern hardware as well as novel theoretical methods and numerics. Hence quantitative research moves more and more into our focus, the quantum- as well as the ultrafast non-equilibrium regime become accessible, and theoreticians and experimentalists can work hand in hand.
This conference focuses on most recent progress in quantum electrodynamics and strong quantum correlations with implications to light-matter interaction and switchable materials, photonic and magneto-opto-electronic devices. Cavity effects and cavity polaritons as well as topologically induced bandstructures in complex solids are discussed in theory and experiment specifically with respect to their relevant timescales.

Ecole de Physique des Houches, Les Houches, France