Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Physics School "Frontiers of Quantum Matter"

11.09.2016  -  16.09.2016

The school covers fundamental and exciting recent developments in quantum condensed matter from both a theoretical and experimental perspective. The topics covered are diverse and include non-equilibrium and many-body quantum dynamics; many-body localisation; topological and strongly correlated quantum materials; quantum annealing and quantum computing.

Each lecture will start with a pedagogical introduction to the most recent developments. Everyone is welcome to attend. The primary target audience are doctoral students but we hope the event will also be of interest to
outstanding Master's students as well as more senior participants interested in learning about these topics.

Audrey Cottet (ENS Paris)
Fabian Essler (Oxford University)
Charles Marcus (NBI Copenhagen)
Andrew Mackenzie (MPI-CPfS Dresden)
Roderich Moessner (MPI-PKS Dresden)
Laurens Molenkamp (University of Würzburg) Joel Moore (UC Berkeley) Phuan
Ong (Princeton University) Christian Pfleiderer (TU Munich) Achim Rosch
(University of Cologne) Steven Simon (Oxford University) Matthias Troyer
(ETH Zuerich) Felix von Oppen (FU Berlin)


Bad Honnef