Theoretical Solid State Physics

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605. WE-Heraeus seminar on „Macroscopic entanglement“

17.01.2016  -  22.01.2016

The workshop aims to bring together experts from various fields, ranging from solid state physics and atomic physics to quantum optics, and discuss the main results and challenges in the description, classification and experimental generation of macroscopic entangled states. The main experts of the diverse communities will be invited, including theoretical and experimental ones. The seminar is intended to provide a good introduction for newcomers interested in bringing aspects of macroscopic entanglement to their fields. Thus the seminar will also  be a good opportunity for PhD students and young post-docs to get introduced to this exciting field. Bringing  together an international group of young researchers will further initiate mutually beneficial exchanges between these groups and can be expected to stimulate stronger collaborations in the field.

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef