Theoretical Solid State Physics

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599. WEH-Seminar: Isolated Quantum Many-Body Systems out of Equilibrium

30.11.2015  -  03.12.2015

Boosted by new experimental possibilities with cold atoms and time-resolved solid-state spectroscopy, the field of many-body quantum dynamics has inspired a rapidly growing body of theoretical work. This workshop will bring together practitioners addressing non-equilibrum quantum physics from two different perspectives: namely, the perspective of exact unitary dynamics, and that of quantum kinetic descriptions in the framework of the Boltzmann equation or its generalizations. While both approaches have venerable histories, relatively little is understood about their connection, the overlap of their regimes of applicability, etc. The workshop programme will consist of a number of overview lectures presenting the current state of knowledge in these two communities plus selected research talks on topics of current interest. There will also be a poster session to allow all participants to present and discuss their research.

Bad Honnef