Theoretical Solid State Physics

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4th Theory Winter School

New Trends in Frustrated Magnetism

05.01.2015  -  09.01.2015

The lectures will focus on Frustrated Magnetism, a subject of continuing relevance in Condensed Matter and Materials Research Theory. Our aim is to bring approximately 10 leading experts in this active area of research, who will present tutorial lectures on the most relevant concepts, mathematical and numerical techniques, as well as experimental reviews of the field, to understand the complex physical phenomena emerging from frustrated magnets.

In addition, we plan poster sessions during which junior participants will have the opportunity for direct exchange of ideas with lecturers and each other.

This program primarily targets advanced graduate students and post-docs who can apply from any institution worldwide. Their expenses will be partially covered by funds provided by the Magnet Lab, which acts as the sponsors of this Winter School.

Tallahassee, Florida