Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Quantum Science: Implementations

29.06.2014  -  19.07.2014

This workshop is intended to discuss recent progress and challenges in thephysical implementation of quantum science (e.g. quantum information andcomputation, simulation, cryptography, metrology, foundations, etc.).Therefore, the workshop aims at a balanced mixture between theorists andexperimentalists from a variety of fields: optical lattices, trapped ions,atomic ensembles, cavity QED, NV-centers, quantum dots, quantum circuits,quantum nanomechanical resonators, (nano)photonics, etc.

This workshop is organized in order to complement the successful biannual Benasque Quantum Information workshop organized by Ignacio Cirac and Artur Ekert by focusing on the implementations of quantum science. Our workshopwill use their format, which is similar to the Aspen and KITP meetings,wherethe number of official talks will be very limited so that participantswillbe able to interact at will. Profiting from the optimal scientificinstallations of the recently built Centro de Ciencias de Benasque PedroPascual (CCBPP), participants will be encouraged to use the offices,blackboards, and seminar rooms to self-organize discussions, lectures,talks,etc. Benasque, with its beautiful valley, sports facilities, and localexquisite restaurants, offers an ideal atmosphere to trigger inspiringdiscussions and boost the social relations among scientists.


Benasque, Spain