Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Quantum Engineering of States and Devices

18.08.2014  -  23.08.2014

Research on engineered quantum states and devices is progressing rapidly. While the basic motivation draws from the wish to understand the coherence and correlation effects featured by these states, the prospects to use them for processing and storing quantum information has given the field an additional boost. Examples span proposals for protected qubits in hybrid systems containing Dirac materials to novel designs for quantum simulators using laser-manipulated trapped ions. Vigorous research efforts push the frontier relentlessly, however, much of the activity in the field is fragmented and often narrowly focused on a particular design, concept, or type of system. The Nordita Conference on Quantum Engineering of States and Devices, 18 - 23 August 2014 aims at furthering interactions among researchers working in different subfields of quantum engineered systems, offering an "interdisciplinary" forum where people can come together, exchange ideas, and start collaborating across boundaries.

Nordita, Stockholm