Theoretical Solid State Physics

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2014 Theory Winter School

Topological Phases of Condensed Matter

06.01.2014  -  10.01.2014

Topological insulators and superconductors have recently become one of the most actively studied subfields in condensed matter physics. A clever application of topology to the theory of electronic structure gave an impetus to the synthesis of new materials, which are now under active experimental investigation. On the theoretical side, the notion of a topologically protected surface state provides a new challenge for the theory of localization and raises many fundamental questions about the interplay of topology, disorder, and electron-electron interactions. Topological insulators also represent a class of symmetry-protected topologically ordered phase. Last but not least, the appearance of non-Abelian anyons when topological insulators are proximity-coupled to superconductors makes them an exciting platform for fault-tolerant quantum computing.

The goal of the winter school is to bring together leading experts in this active area of research, who will present tutorial lectures during the five-day program. In addition to the talks, we plan poster sessions during which junior participants will have the opportunity for direct exchange of ideas with their peers and with the lecturers. This program primarily targets advanced theory graduate students and post-docs. Their expenses will be partially covered by funds provided by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which acts as the sponsor of this Winter School. We hope to have 40 to 50 junior participants.

Tallahassee, Florida, USA