Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Precision Many-Body Physics of Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

05.05.2014  -  13.06.2014

The program will bring together the world’s experts of controllabletheoretical and experimental approaches. We expect that the program willsubstantially promote further progress in synergistically related areasof physics dealing with strongly correlated many-body quantum physics.

The key topics of the program will include exactly solvable models andfirst-principles numeric approaches (such as tensor network anddensity-matrix renormalization group methods; path-integral,stochastic-series, and diagrammatic Monte Carlo; dynamic clusterapproximations, etc.); effective coarse-grained description of quantumphases and phase transitions; topological methods yielding controllabledescription of phases with topological order (topological insulators,fractional quantum Hall states, etc.). Of special interest will be thetopic of quantum simulation with ultracold atoms as well ascondensed-matter systems.

One week of the program, 9-13 June, will be devoted to a symposium(chaired by M. Zwierlein) featuring new experimental developments onstrongly correlated Bose and Fermi gases, including accuratethermodynamic measurements, lower dimensions, quantum magnetism,non-equilibrium systems, topological states of matter, graphene-likesystems, artificial gauge fields and spin-orbit coupled gases, beyonds-wave interactions and few-body systems.

Application deadline is 5 January 2014.

Beijing, China