Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Gordon Research Conference on Quantum Science

27.07.2014  -  01.08.2014

Quantum Science is a continually-expanding field that has been stimulated by rapid theoretical and experimental progress in quantum information, sensing and metrology, and fundamental concepts. It is a highly-interdisciplinary field bringing together computer scientists, mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and experimentalists in atomic, molecular, optical, condensed matter physics and biology. Recent theoretical progress includes new ideas for quantum simulation and its applications, work on quantum testing and verification, the description of complex quantum many-body systems, and on novel schemes for quantum computation and its implementations. Recent experimental progress has in part been stimulated by ever-increasing precision of quantum control which has enabled the demonstration of complex algorithms and simulations. The combination of the latest technologies in these separate fields has also stimulated new research areas, including quantum sensors of biological systems and coupling of mesoscopic mechanical systems to optical and microwave fields. This conference will focus on the most recent developments in quantum science.

As with other Gordon Conferences, the meeting will provide a forum for bringing together senior scientists with students and postdocs in a relaxed setting. To encourage the participation of junior scientists, this year, a Gordon Conference Seminar for students and postdocs will be held in the 1½ days prior to the regular meeting.

Easton, Massachusetts, USA